I will get your product to the next level

I help manufacturing and distribution companies in the construction industry. I deal with brands, certificates and standards. I work on developing and promoting products. I give the idea and shape to marketing projects.

Václav Hadrava - Consulab.eu, Ltd.


Some laws are complex and strict. Others are looser and provide a lot of options. Knowing the difference is crucial and authorized bodies don't always propose the best option for you. I can offer professional advice and an ally in the paper wars.


Correctness, quality, respect. These values can build long-term success in the technical field and your partners expect them. I have specific experience with product management. I can create technical documents and media which give an added value to the product.


Understandable presentation of a technical problem needs a lot of emotion and training. I have the experience, patience and conceptual approach necessary to organize larger projects. I can be your connector between the worlds of construction and marketing.

Why do companies collaborate with me?

I have been dealing with construction product certification for thirteen years now. That direct experience allows me to create technical standards, introduce legislation into practice, and understand and anticipate business patterns. I enjoy exploring uncharted land and solving the complex challenges they offer.

I can be an external product manager, a project coordinator, a translator, and an agent for special missions.

Even small companies can look professional.

And even large companies can seem friendly.