Professional CV

1999 - I began to study descriptive geometry, elasticity and plasticity, building structures and other exact sciences

2000 - I started to enjoy building materials, production technology and testing

2004 - with a fresh diploma from Faculty of Civil Engineering, I got to work at TZUS - Testing and Certification Institute. The Czech Republic had been recently a member of the EU, there was a significant transformation of laws and standards, I had the opportunity to put into practice completely new procedures according to European legislation

2006 - I represented the Czech Republic in various standardization committees, in Brussels and elsewhere. I dealt with various activities, especially in the field of facade insulation as a methodical guarantor for certification and solution of other interesting technical problems

2008 - I started to lead the ETAG 004 Working Group for standardization of ETICS (facade thermal insulation systems)

2009 - I had to go on site! We introduced certification of ETICS application quality

2013 - new legislation (CPR) for European certification of construction products, everything was different. I was the head of the European Technical Assessment Body. We tesedt and created EU-wide regulations for various innovative products for which there were no standards in existence

2014 - I decided for new challenges and a change of environment. I become a product manager for LIKOV - a production and trading company, which is in its element doing raw business environment and undergoing daily competitive fights. I made an opinion on technical and marketing support for business. Sometimes straightforward, sometimes sophisticated, but it always has to lead to the best sales results

2017 - determined and I threw away the comfort of employee status started to build my own brand. I offer soft skills and techniques in the world of hard construction. I have my own opinion, I look around and put things in context. My vision is work that makes things better and from which I can have a great feeling